Jan 07, 2020

– For existing Android dedicated devices enrolled prior to the November 22, 2019 or the 1911 service update: These devices have the Microsoft Intune app installed on them. After backend changes roll out in the Intune service in March, SCEP certificates deployed to devices and associated with Wi-Fi profiles will start to apply. Discussion. Specify com.apple.security.scep as the payload type.. An SCEP payload automates the request of a client certificate from an SCEP server, as described in Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration. Jun 29, 2016 · Cisco ISE uses SCEP protocol to support personal device registration (BYOD onboarding). When using an external SCEP CA, this CA is defined by a SCEP RA profile on ISE. When a SCEP RA Profile is created, two certificates are automatically added to the Trusted Certificates Store: CA root certificate, Issues a public key X.509 certificate by sending a self-signed CSR to the CA server for enrolling in a PKI represented by the CA server. A broadcast action CEP_ACTION_CERT_ENROLL_STATUS is sent out including the MD5 hash/fingerprint(Hex format) of the received user certificate(DER format) in success case. May 25, 2017 · The last set of settings for iOS SCEP profiles in Intune is Enrollment Settings. I would recommend keeping the renewal threshold of certificates as the default value 20%. SCEP server URLs are very important. These are the URLs which iOS devices will go and request for SCEP certs. So, this should be reachable from the internet. Jan 07, 2020 · Recently SCEP certificate authentication was released for Intune with Android Enterprise devices. This means both COPE and Kiosk devices or whatever they are calling them these days. I just finished setting this up for a customer and let me tell you there were some challenges.

Jul 01, 2017

This policy lets you configure iOS and macOS devices to retrieve a certificate from an external SCEP server over the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP). To deliver a certificate to devices using SCEP from a PKI that is connected to Endpoint Management, create a PKI entity and a PKI provider in distributed mode. Android: SCEP profile settings - BlackBerry Create a user credential profile to use certificates from the native keystore on Android devices; Using SCEP to send client certificates to devices. Create a SCEP profile; Sending the same client certificate to multiple devices. Create a shared certificate profile; Specify the certificate used by an app. Create a certificate mapping profile

The easy way to deploy device certificates with Intune

Integrating SCEP to Enroll EAP-TLS Certificates with Intune Note: Certificate Type is not a setting on Android SCEP Profiles Subject name format : Select how Intune automatically creates the subject name in the certificate request. The options change if you choose a User certificate type or Device certificate type. How to enable Android for Work in SCCM and Intune Mar 29, 2017 Android Enterprise device certificate SCEP : Intune